Professional Care

We provide professional maintenance and other special services that can correct any problems or even enhance your riding experience. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned cyclist, we can provide you with the professional care and the personal service that you and your bicycle deserve.

Special Services

From our basic tune-ups to deraileur adjustments, flat tires to major overhauls, Glenview Cycle is ready to handle all your repair needs. We service all makes and all models. Appointments are welcome but not necessary.

Flat tire repair
  • Tire/tube repair on bike (front or real)removal and reinstallation: $8.00
  • Tire/tube repair off of bike (front or rear)removal and reinstallation: $6.00
    (Price does not include tire or tube)
Computer installations
  • Computer - Standard Wireless: $5.00
  • Computer - Standard Wireless: $8.00
  • Computer - Standard Wired: $10.00
  • Computer - Shifter Integrated: $24.99
Basic tune-up
  • Front/rear deraileur adjustment
  • Brake adjustment + pad resurfacing (if nec.)
  • Adjust headset, bottom bracket, hubs
  • Lube all cables
  • Wipe down frame & fork
  • True wheels $70.00 ( Price includes shop fee )
Tune-up plus
  • All of the basic tune Up
  • Removal & ultrasonic cleaning-chain deraileurs $100.00 (Price includes shop fee)
Overhaul tune-up
  • Remove, lubricate, reinstall adjust deraileurs + chain
  • Brake cleaning, adjustment, pad resurfacing ( Recommended )
  • Overhaul lubricate bottom bracket + headset components
  • Removal ultrasonic cleaning - chain + deraileurs
  • Complete disassembly, cleaning, lubrication reassembly ( Bike )
  • Full detailed cleaning ( Bike )
  • Overhaul hubs
  • True wheels $155.00 ( Price includes shop fee )